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Thailand is a country that has appealed to a very diverse range of travellers. It is often popular with backpackers and students on gap years who wish to explore the world before they begin their studies. If you are travelling to this country and want to save money then you may wish to consider going to a Bangkok hostel.

Book a Bangkok Hostel

Before you book a Bangkok hostel you need to think what kind of facilities you want. You may want to book a room for a group of friends you are travelling with. Alternatively if you are travelling on your own then you may have to share with strangers in the room.

Choosing a Bangkok hostel

Choosing a Bangkok hostel is pretty much the same as choosing a normal hotel. There is often an image of hostels as being basic and they are often thought of as being inferior to hotels. However this is a misconception and there are plenty of hostels that have excellent facilities and hard working staff who keep them looking clean and presentable.

What you choose depends on your personal priorities. A Bangkok hostel that is close to the city centre or a key attraction is likely to be more expensive than one that is a bit further away. However this does not necessarily have to be a problem as it gives you a chance to explore more of the city.

Staff can often be very helpful as well. It is advisable to look at reviews to see how helpful they are. For example they may be able to recommend local restaurants that are favoured by local people and may not be as expensive as the more well known tourist eateries. Local advice is often vital in finding the best transport links and seeing the kind of sights that may not necessarily be highlighted in guide books.

Choosing the Best Hostel in Bangkok

When looking at reviews of each type of Bangkok hostel it is vital to ensure that all the relevant information is there. Find out how much a stay costs and

Bangkok Hostels

Bangkok Hostels

what that includes. For example you may have to pay extra for breakfast in the morning, if indeed breakfast is supplied at the hostel.

Bangkok Hostel Khaosan Road

Another thing to find out is how long the Bangkok hostel stays open for, most hostels in the Khaosan road area of the city usually stay open late as there is a lot of nightlife in that area. Some may have restrictive hours so you can only check in at certain times. Others may be more flexible. It is vital to find this out before you make your booking. Furthermore you need to know how you will have to access your room, whether you have keys, key cards and so forth. If possible have a zip pocket or somewhere secure to ensure that they do not get lost.

Bangkok Hostels Online

As with any booking shopping around is vital. Every aspect needs to be carefully considered so that you get the one that is best suited to your personal travel needs and the needs of anyone who may be accompanying you. In short with the right information you can find the ideal Bangkok hostel for your travel requirements. Check out our hotels section for an in depth selection of Bangkok accommodation to give you even more choice.

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