A Brief Guide to Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok City - Bangkok Thailand

The city of Bangkok Thailand is the capital of Thailand. Like London it is a thriving metropolis that is vital to the economy of the country where many people work and trade. However it is also a diverse and fascinating place for people to visit with a wide array of attractions to suit a wide range of travelers for all of their needs.

Where you go in Bangkok Thailand depends largely on your own personal interests in the local area. It is somewhere where you can go to one of the largest shopping malls in Asia but also somewhere where you can see royal palaces and ornate temples, many of which have been popularised in Western films such as the James Bond film The Man With The Golden Gun and more recently in the films of popular Thai action star Tony Jaa such as Ong Bak.

Bangkok Travel

Getting around Bangkok Thailand is relatively cheap. If you want to go somewhere directly then hiring a taxi cab is not too expensive and should reduce the risk of getting lost. However a lot of people travel either by the overground skytrain or underground trains as a cheaper method of transport.

Wat Arun in Bangkok Thailand Temple

Wat Arun in Bangkok Thailand next to Chao Phraya River

Like a lot of cities there are distinct areas that cater for different interests and needs. In some cases what they cater for changes depending on the time of day. For example in the day time Silom is mainly known as a trading district but is also a popular nightspot.

Bangkok Night Markets

Another place that is only available at night is Sukhumvit Road’s famous night market. By day this area is mainly known for its tailor shops and is also a place where you can find a number of hotels. The city is also home to a diverse array of restaurants and street food, allowing you to sample the delights of authentic Thai cuisine.

Bangkok Shopping

If you enjoy shopping then a good place to go is Siam Square. This is where you will find Paragon, Asia’s biggest shopping mall. This is home to some of the best brands. If you find this stressful then it is reassuring to know that Bangkok Thailand is also home to an increasing number of spa and wellness centres.

Bangkok Backpackers

Bangkok Thailand is also attractive to backpackers. If you are looking for smaller guest houses then a good option is Khao San Road. Increasingly more tour operators are offering tours from this area, so it is worth asking around when you arrive in the city.

Bangkok Thailand Weather

One concern people may have when visiting Bangkok Thailand is the weather. It is a tropical monsoon climate, meaning a hot and humid weather pattern. One of the best times to go is around January or February as this is often when it is not as hot. If you prefer hot weather then the best times around April to May or September to October.

In short Bangkok Thailand offers a number of experiences in one city. It is worth looking online or talking with your travel agent to find out more about the various options available when booking a travel package in this intriguing and diverse city.

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